Healthy Foods for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a very important phase of ones’ life and a delicate one too. It is a more crucial phase than parenting. Pregnant women need to eat right to keep fit and to give birth to a healthy baby without any complications.

There are quite a number of foods which are to be avoided during this period. Eating healthy and staying fit is the mantra during pregnancy.

Foods Not to Eat During Pregnancy

Foods to Avoid During the Time of Pregnancy

  • Caffeine: Too much caffeine is not good at the time of pregnancy. It might cause severe harm to babies in the long run and may even cause birth defects and chronic illnesses in adulthood.
  • Processed food: Processed food is also a strict no-no in these times as it might not be properly digested and cause complications.
  • Unpasteurized milk, cheese, and fruit juice: This stuff might be prone to bacterial contamination and thus might lead to life-threatening consequences to the baby
  • Raw or low cooked foods: Low cooked or raw food might again be a prominent source of bacterial contamination thus having high chances of causing severe and life-threatening infections to the unborn baby.

Foods to Eat During Pregnancy

Healthy and Safer Foods to Eat During Pregnancy

Properly cooked food and food hygiene are a key point to remember during pregnancy. At this period it is important that the woman is given food timely and a balanced diet is maintained. The health of the unborn child depends on the health of the mother-to-be.

Some of the foods to be eaten in times of pregnancy include:

  • Complex Carbohydrates: Among complex carbohydrates, you can eat legumes, beans, well-cooked vegetables, whole grain bread and the like.
  • Proteins: Proteins level recommended is about 75 to 100gms daily and you can take a mixture of different kinds of protein so that it does not feel too bland and monotonous. Especially for women who are underweight or for those whose pregnancy is at a risk due to some factors doctors recommend taking a high amount of protein. However one must make sure that the proteins are well cooked for proper digestion.

Healthy Diets for Pregnants

  • Iron: Iron-rich foods are very important for pregnant women. Iron is less quickly absorbed from plant sources thus it is important to consult a doctor about the food preferences in case the woman is anemic.
  • Fibers: Vegetables and most fruits are rich in fibers and it should form a very essential part of the diet for a pregnant woman. This helps to prevent hemorrhoids and constipation, which are very common symptoms at the time of pregnancy. About 20 o 35 grams.
  • Salt and fluids: Salts should be taken in moderations however fluids should be taken in a bulk frequently.
  • Fats: unhealthy and unsaturated fats should be restricted as much as possible. Certain fishes with omega-3-fatty acids should be a part of the diet too.

All this said, a healthy diet is a must in times of pregnancy, watch what you eat during this time to ensure that your baby gets a healthy environment inside the womb for growth.

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