The influence of electronic cigarettes on the organism

An electronic cigarette is a device that works similarly to an inhaler. During inhalation, a liquid in the form of vapor enters the body. The sensations at the same time arise almost the same as when inhaling the smoke of a regular cigarette. The smoking fluid is filled with special cartridges that, after use, are replaced or refilled. Nicotine can be added or not added as a part of the liquid compound. The main argument, which leads the fans of electronic cigarettes in favor of this device is the absence of this substance and combustion products released during the smoking of conventional cigarettes.


In general, the electronic cigarette does not bring anything but harm to health, and American specialists arrived to this conclusion. Employees of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have selectively analyzed cartridges for refilling electronic cigarettes. The study showed the presence of carcinogenic substances that contribute to the development of oncological diseases. In addition, the actual composition of the liquid did not always correspond to that stated by the manufacturer. For example, nicotine was found in the non-nicotine composition of the smoking fluid.


All flavors that “fill” electronic gadgets, penetrate the human lungs. And they are affected, and not superficially, but at the deepest, cellular level.

Employees of the University of North Carolina presented the results of their study, during which it was found that the longer the vapor steam lingers in the lungs is, the greater the harm is.


Due to the lack of strict control, it is almost impossible to recognize the dosage of certain substances. Even if the package says that this device is low in nicotine, no one can really verify this fact. In the case of electronic cigarette, the declared amount of nicotine and other substances often does not coincide with their actual content.  A person thinks that once he bought an electronic cigarette, he now smokes less, but in fact, it may have even more nicotine than a regular cigarette has. So, what kind of rejection of nicotine can be there?

What harm from electronic cigarettes can get vessels:

  • nicotine consumption, regardless of the form of its production, it accelerates the heart rate;
  • according to a study, e-cigarette consumers are vulnerable to the same vascular diseases as smokers.

In any way the consumption of nicotine, regardless of whether it is smoking or soaring, is absolutely contraindicated for diseases of the stomach and related. This substance enhances the secretion of hydrochloric acid, which destroys the stomach wall and indirectly affects the state of the digestive system, reducing appetite. As a result, a person begins to take long breaks between meals, which is prohibited for people with a sore stomach.


The harm of electronic cigarettes with liquid compound, in which there is no nicotine, does not disappear. Manufacturers add alcohol, menthol, capsaicin to “zero liquids”. This makes the non-nicotine fluid taste more familiar to consumers, and has an effect on the stomach similar to the effect of nicotine.

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